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Omitted Texts

The main reasons for excluding text from these packages are generally either copyrights, or it isn't feasible or justified to put them in database format. However, they may be included in future versions.

Study Guides

In the LDS Scriptures, a lot of study guides have been added to the text to help readers. Since they are copyrighted, they are not included.

These are the study guides that were left out:

  • book and chapter headers
  • footnotes
  • Topical Guide
  • Bible Dictionary
  • Joseph Smith Translation
  • Gazetteer
  • Maps
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Index (Book of Mormon)

Title Pages, Dedications and Explanations

These texts aren't included because a scriptural numbering sequence doesn't apply.

Excluded texts:

  • King James Version of the Bible: Epistle Dedicatory
  • Book of Mormon
    • Title Page (written by Moroni, one of the original authors)
    • Introduction
    • The Testimony of the Three Witnesses
    • The Testimony of Eight Witnesses
    • Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith
    • A Brief Explanation About the Book of Mormon
  • Doctrine and Covenants: Official Declaration 1 and 2
  • Pearl of Great Price:
    • Introductory Note
    • Oliver Cowdery's account
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